Logic20/20 nominated for GWATA Innovative Tech Business of the Year award

Logic20/20 nominated for GWATA Innovative Tech Business of the Year award


SEATTLE – August 1, 2018 – Logic20/20, a business and technology consulting firm, has been nominated for the Greater Wenatchee Area Technology Alliance’s (GWATA) Innovator Award for 2018 in the category of Innovative Tech Business of the Year.


Logic20/20 is a leader in business and technology consulting; they're headquartered in Seattle, WA with offices in Wenatchee, WA and Silicon Valley. They specialize in creating clarity for their customers by delivering solutions that solve real business challenges. They strive to spend time getting to know customers, asking questions, and brainstorming innovative solutions, in order to deliver technology projects that allow customers to predict and increase sales, better understand their customers, increase the speed of innovation, and automate repetitive tasks across their organizations.


Logic20/20’s goal is to support local businesses, government entities, and non-profits with technology solutions that help them grow their businesses. They have recently implemented several technology initiatives across the Wenatchee region and more broadly across the state.


Logic20/20 has designed and deployed a free business intelligence (BI) assessment tool that helps local companies learn more about how their business uses data. They understand that creating a successful analytics programs starts with understanding the current state, asking questions about end goals, and determining what data is available to help make the decisions needed to meet end goals. The tool produces a 10-page report that identifies strengths and weaknesses and includes a comparison to peers. This tool has been essential for helping businesses of all sizes move toward operating within a data-driven environment.


Logic20/20 has invested in the Microsoft TechSpark Partnership. TechSpark is a national civic program aimed at fostering greater economic opportunity and job creation through partnership with rural and smaller metropolitan communities.  This is achieved by providing software and training free of charge for all non-profits in the area so that they have access to the most innovative products. Logic20/20 conducts a technology assessment to help non-profits better understand their current state. Then, they provide them recommendations for products, tips on how to implement new solutions, and identification of the types of training that would be most valuable for their organization.


“Our goal is to offer our expertise in operational optimization, digital transformation, advanced analytics, and cutting-edge IT solutions to support the innovative growth and community initiatives happening in the Wenatchee area,” said Amanda Lundy, Senior Strategic Development Manager at Logic20/20. 


In addition, Logic20/20's technology consulting team is also helping a communications client in our state improve customer engagement by implementing customized solutions. A seamless customer care experience was developed by leveraging LivePerson and Lithium platforms in order to fully integrate a SMS feature into the customer care system. This new solution has improved the client’s customer satisfactions (CSAT) scores by ensuring customers can have their issues resolved quickly, without frustration, and with a choice of multiple engagement channels.


Logic20/20 is thrilled to be nominated for the GWATA Innovator of the Year award, and be recognized for the business objectives it values – innovation, problem-solving and collaboration. Logic20/20 is honored to support businesses in Wenatchee and develop solutions that meet local companies’ goals and overcome business and technology challenges.


About Logic20/20

Logic20/20 is a business and technology consulting firm with offices in Seattle, Wenatchee, WA, and San Jose, CA. We apply a methodical and structured approach to design simple and elegant solutions, with a focus on clarity and enhancing the digital customer experience. We help our customers predict and increase sales, understand their customers, automate repetitive tasks, and increase the speed of innovation to market. To learn more, visit www.logic2020.com.


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