Logic20/20 joins forces with Brainbox Consulting

Logic20/20 joins forces with Brainbox Consulting



March 1, 2016 – Seattle, WA –Logic20/20 Inc., a Seattle-based business and technology consulting firm, announced today that it has acquired Brainbox Consulting, a Seattle-based business intelligence, data warehousing and SharePoint consulting firm. The partnership began nearly a decade ago, when both companies were tapped to work on a deeply complex BI project. The camaraderie and synergies have persisted throughout, both companies augmenting one another’s skillset. The acquisition celebrates the two teams as human compliments and as a value multiplier for our combined clients and employees.

“The partnership made sense. The Northwest values locally cultivated and long-term business relationships. Partnerships cannot be built overnight,” said Christian O’Meara, CEO of Logic20/20. “The wealth of knowledge and expertise between us is one element. However, the real world experience working alongside each other through the years is frankly the most important component.”

Logic20/20 opened for business in 2005 with the dual purpose of offering a superior, differentiated experience in working with, as well as working for, a consulting company. Within Logic20/20’s DNA is the ability to simply leverage advancements in technology to deliver business outcomes. This resulted in their early adoption of cloud computing to drive business efficiencies. Leveraging cutting edge technologies within the cloud to build solutions from advanced data platforms through to innovative marketing sizing analysis, Logic20/20 continues to bring cost efficiency, speed of deployment and value to their clients.


Brainbox Consulting was founded in 2005 with a mission of helping clients access their most actionable information – and share the stories they find there. Brainbox utilizes an innovative assessment model, combined with a proprietary virtual services consulting model that provides a long-term, collaborative team with the right personnel at the right time for their clients.

“The combined firms are better positioned to expand offerings across business lines and technology.” said Adam Nathan, Founder/CEO of Brainbox, “This development deepens our industry knowledge, better positioning us to help our clients transform the way they do business.”

The partnership will bring Brainbox’s innovative assessment and roadmap assets, Virtual Services Model, SharePoint capabilities and expertise in Tableau Software together with Logic20/20 advanced data platforms, machine learning solutions and management consulting capabilities, will solidify Logic20/20 as a leader in advanced analytics strategy consulting.


According to Travis Jones, Managing Director of Logic20/20: “Brainbox is a market leader in BI assessments and helping clients develop and execute on their technology roadmap. Combining

this with the breadth and depth of Logic20/20’s capabilities in business intelligence, systems integration and our management consulting experience, we will be able to provide our clients with actionable business insights to deliver outcomes that make a real difference to their business.”


About Logic20/20 – Logic20/20 is a Seattle-based consulting firm with expertise in business and technology. We create simplicity and efficiency in complex environments to help you realize your organization’s potential. We deploy our project management and technology consultants on an individual and project basis. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to the successful completion of your projects in an actionable and maintainable way. 


About Brainbox –Brainbox Consulting is a Seattle-based firm focused on business intelligence, data warehousing, and SharePoint collaboration solutions. Our offerings include state-of-the-art data visualization, sophisticated data integration and portal services related to content management, workflow and search. Our mission is helping clients access their most actionable information – and share the stories they find there.

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