5 keys to using data as a strategic asset

5 keys to using data as a strategic asset

How to use data more effectively


Quick summary: 5 proven strategies for improving the use of data across your organization


According to a recent study, about 68 percent of the data available to businesses goes unleveraged. Businesses across industries face steep challenges in putting their data to work, including making collected data usable, managing storage of collected data, and breaking down data silos.


As data has evolved into a critical digital asset and commodity, the ability to manage data pipelines and use data effectively has become essential for every company’s success.


In our latest e-book, we explore five proven strategies for leveraging data to reduce costs, improve customer experiences, drive productivity, and spur innovation:


• Evaluate analytics maturity with a current-state assessment

• Incorporate change management

• Architect data for sharing and security

• Embrace a culture of data inclusivity

• Establish data governance for continuous accountability


To learn how these strategies are propelling data-driven decision making at all levels of the organization, grab your copy of our e-book:


5 ways to use data more effectively in your organization


Learn how to break down barriers and drive the use of data as a strategic asset: