Getting organized with an analytics hub

Getting organized with an analytics hub


Getting organized with an analytics portal

An analytics portal unifies information from across an organization into one simple, secure tool. The process of creating a portal is interactive and thorough, comprised of four phases:


1. Discover.

We host a workshop for members of an organization to interview stakeholders and learn more about future users of the portal, understand associated processes, and develop personas that fully encapsulate relevant needs and wants. We also focus on data quality and availability by investigating the organization’s data to understand all sources, types, and uses.


2. Analyze.

Next, we revisit each persona to add more detail based on the organization’s specific needs. We also work closely with stakeholders to include features that will increase analytics hub adoption within their organization.


3. Create.

After a thorough gathering of requirements and understanding how the tool will be used, our team carefully designs a analytics hub that serves the needs of our stakeholders.


4. Iterate.

The analytics portal evolves in cycles, changing to accommodate and improve upon new data.


Key results: A problem solved

With an analytics portal in place, staff will quickly see a range of benefits:


• Better data visibility. With carefully designed KPI’s and charts, staff can get the information they need at a glance.

• More confidence in reports. Reporting is reliable and streamlined, so delivering key information to heads of hospital and executive-level team members is easy. You’ll be using the right information in the right ways.

• Increased staff engagement. Using an analytics hub involves comments, ratings, and other social interaction. The portal isn’t just about data, spreadsheets, and KPIs – it’s a community-driven space for conversation and improvement.

• Streamlined feedback. With an easy way to access information, leaders can review progress and provide detailed feedback. This isn’t just a one-time exchange at a semi-annual or annual review; instead, feedback is built into the ongoing experience of using the hub. There are no more ugly surprises—and success can be celebrated like it should.

• More time for what’s important. Instead of ten clicks to get to something that’s sort of what you need, you spend less time getting to the right information. Busy work is reduced.





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Nick Kelly

Nick Kelly is the Director of Visual Analytics at Logic20/20. He is a hands-on leader in analytics with over 16 years of international experience in analytics and software development, deployment, adoption, and user experience.


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