Marketing Analytics: Establishing a Culture of Experimentation

Marketing Analytics: Establishing a Culture of Experimentation




Remember the days when marketing was a calm environment where a good set of customer analytics would tide you over for a month’s worth of strategic, data-driven decisions? Yeah, we don't either. 


Customer behaviors, preferences, and attitudes can change at the speed of light and marketing teams need to pivot quickly. Most teams don’t have dedicated data scientists and engineers, so they must often rely on their overburdened, backlogged colleagues in IT to spin data into actionable information. This session will help attendees empower their marketing teams with immediate access to the analytics they need to experiment, iterate, and succeed—without burdening IT. 


After this session, you’ll be able to: 

1. Apply the 3 key facets for becoming more agile 

2. Learn the ideal reporting tools and how to use them 

3. Create a culture of experimentation 





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Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson is a Director at Logic20/20 responsible for managing enterprise accounts. He was named one of Consulting Magazine's Rising Stars for 2020, honored for his excellence in leadership.


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