AI & Wine event

AI & Wine event

Michael Barrett, CEO & Co-Founder Unosquare - Moderator

Mike is the co-founder and CEO of Unosquare. Prior to founding Unosquare with his business partner Mario Di Vece, Mike worked for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as Business Development Manager in the Pacific Northwest, was Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for BBSI based in Portland, Oregon, and served as vice president of marketing for a division of Kelly Services, a Fortune 500 company.

Jonathan Nolis, Data Scientist in AI, T-Mobile

Dr. Jonathan Nolis is a data science, machine learning, and AI expert. He is currently partnering with Logic 20/20 to help T-Mobile deploy their first customer-facing AI. Jonathan has ten years of experience leading teams to solve business problems with data in industries including manufacturing, finance, and retail. Previously, Jonathan has been the Director of Insights and Analytics at Lenati, and a Lead of Advanced Analytics at Promontory. His academic research is in optimization under uncertainty, especially for electric vehicles. Jonathan was also the season 3 winner of the reality TV show “King of the Nerds."

Andrew Musselman, Chief Analytics Officer, Analytics2Go

Andrew's background is in math, software engineering, and analytics; his data and analytics experience spans most industries and includes use cases ranging from real-time sensor data, to retail recommenders, to customer support optimization. He previously headed up the machine learning advisory practice at Lucidworks, and was Chief Data Scientist in the global advanced data science practice at Accenture, leading a team of a hundred data scientists in technical and business approaches.


Andrew is active in the open source community, contributing to projects including the Apache Mahout machine learning library, where he is a committer and project management committee member

Atakan Cetinsoy, Vice President Predictive Applications, BigML

Atakan Cetinsoy is the Vice President of Predictive Applications for BigML. He works closely with the company’s customers and prospects in identifying predictive use cases, proposing Machine Learning solutions as well as deploying and measuring them. Atakan has 20 years of hi-tech product management and product marketing experience with both global brands and VC-funded startups including Apple, Strands, Deem and Yahoo!. Atakan holds a B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul and an M.B.A. from The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business.