A Day in the Life - Soumya

A Day in the Life - Soumya


Hello! My name is Soumya Kulkarni and I’m a Lead Java Developer with Logic20/20. My background is in custom application development, mainly in back-end services within Logic20/20’s Digital Transformation Practice.


I joined Logic20/20 as a senior Java developer in November 2017. Since then, I have worked with one of our major clients, a major Telecom service provider in the Seattle area.


My current project involves two things: the development of microservices and integration with internal and external API's to improve customer service. We use both microservices and analytics data to build custom applications and provide suggestions based on customer data points.


Our team is completely Agile, and we develop, demonstrate, and deliver solutions to our client. My contributions have helped deliver a messaging solution across many different lines of business.


My typical day

A typical day for me starts at 8.30am and wraps up around 5.30pm, including a 30-minute lunch break.


8:30am—Start of the day

I start my day with a coffee and scan through my emails and Slack messages, responding to queries. Then, I plan out my daily goals and list the tasks that are of high priority for the day.


9:15am—Daily Stand-Up meeting

Our entire team has a 15-minute daily stand-up meeting. It’s an opportunity for us to share information with each other regarding what we worked on the day before, goals for that day, and what to do about any blockers.


9:45am – 4pm—Bulk of my day

Most of my time during the day is reserved for discussions about development and design, as well as actual deployment. This is the time where I focus on developing the microservices and/or designing new features. Twice a week we have a grooming session to plan tasks for the next sprint.


4pm – 5:30pm—Wrap up

As my day wraps up, I check in on where I stand with respect to my daily goal. I then create a plan for the next day, scheduling things so that I can resume my tasks from the most logical points. I also check on my timesheet and meeting schedule for the next day.


Evening hours

Most of the time, I have a good work/life balance where my normal routine is to go out and play badminton from 6.30 to 8.30pm. After badminton, I am ready to start my next day.




• Most of our microservices are Spring Boot microservices


• We use Kafka for our messaging solutions


• We also use Node.js microservices for some of third-party integrations


• All our applications are deployed using the AWS cloud platform


• Most of our UI services are developed using Agular2 or above


• I use Slack extensively to communicate with my colleagues and interact with other teams.


• I use Jira to manage my task list.


I love and enjoy my work because it keeps me engaged and gives me new challenges every day. Our team delivers continuously, and it gives me great work satisfaction when I see my solutions being used by customers and care agents.


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