A Day in the Life - Gabbie

A Day in the Life - Gabbie


I am an Analyst on the Microsoft One Commercial Partner Digital Services (OCP) team, which provides marketing material to business groups or individuals that resell Microsoft products. My role within that team is to assist with the migration of large amounts of assets and/or new pages to the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), which houses diverse marketing resources.


My day

One thing I love about my workday is it that it’s dynamic! I get to split my time between two locations: some days I’m at the Microsoft campus and other days I’m at Logic’s office. Regardless of where I am, my days are structured roughly the same:


8:00AM to 9:00AM

I start around 8AM, fueling during the first hour with lots of coffee while I review emails. Our team works with a fantastic offshore resource that works on tasks overnight, so there’s often a lot of actionable emails waiting for me in the morning. This first hour is also when I structure my day and create my to-do list.


9:00AM to 2:00PM

From about 9AM to 2PM, I alternate between a meetings and work time. Some meetings are with our clients and some are just with our internal Logic project team. Our team tries to keep meetings to a minimum, which is a relief to me since it leaves lots of time for me to get work done.


2:00PM to 4:30PM

Rounding out the end of the day from 2PM to roughly 4:30PM, I can really hunker down and make good progress, whether I’m cleaning up reports, working on project scope, or sending out status emails to stakeholders.


My meetings


1. I have a regular weekly one-on-one with one of our Microsoft clients, in which we set deliverables and recap past action items.

2. I have a bi-weekly meeting with members of our offshore resource, a few Logicians, and an FTE.

3. I also attend a weekly meeting with the whole Logic OCPDS team where we update each other on our current action items.

4. Occasionally I join some of the tri-weekly knowledge sharing/status update meetings hosted by different subgroups within OCP.


Lately we have been onboarding new consultants, so I have been having one-off meetings with some of the newer employees to help them learn different tools or processes we use. I also enjoy just grabbing a coffee with them and having a good get-to-know-you session.


My tools


Excel and Projects: A lot of my work is with Excel and Project, since I compile, QA, and edit spreadsheets regularly. To do bulk imports, we handle a large amount of data, whether it is descriptions of the assets, their metadata, and/or how/when they should be downloadable. We set up these Excel sheets both before the import and after it is completed to ensure all assets were imported correctly.
I also use Excel in combination with Project for my project management. I do basic reporting and set up RACIs or other tracking spreadsheets using Excel, then in Projects I set up a schedule to ensure the completion of responsibilities and adherence to deadlines. All fun stuff, I promise!


CloudDAM: This is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) software that is our cloud-based asset repository. This is where assets get imported and connected with our content management system.


Sitecore: We use this to appear on the partner network. Usually I get to dig in here for QA work.


My favorite things


Logic is great for a lot of reasons, but I am picking two things! The first is pretty cheesy: I love the people! My coworkers are hands down the best team I have worked with. It helps that Logic does not have a cutthroat culture and everyone is supportive of each other.


My second favorite thing is the growth potential at Logic. Our leadership fully supports the ambitions of all staff, and they have the infrastructure in place to back it up. From resources like a career manager that you can bounce ideas off, to having a budget for independent learning, to having in-house trainings throughout the year, there is no reason a person cannot excel past where they are already at. I am a natural go-getter on my own, but working at Logic, I am already lightyears ahead with my career goals than I thought I would be.


Overall, my days at Logic keep me on my toes and allow me to push myself within a community I enjoy.




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