A Day in the Life - Chris

A Day in the Life - Chris

Chris Veal


I’m a Lead Developer in our Digital Transformation practice. That means I go to various client sites and lead the software developers on a team in their work for a project. I coordinate with the product owner and the business to clarify project requirements. I architect, design, and document the solutions pursued by the team, define and assign tasks, and help the developers in their work. I regularly perform code reviews and triage and fix production problems. I mentor team members, help grow their skills, and work to keep them happy during their time with Logic20/20. I maintain and update my own skills, and I do all this while completing a full load of development tasks just like any other developer on the team.


Beyond my tasks on the dev team, I also have a few other responsibilities in the company:

• I’ve screened resumes and conducted technical and cultural fit interviews.

• I’ve onboarded new project members.

• I’ve evaluated developer performance and written quarterly reviews for the people I manage.

• I’ve discussed remediation strategies with under-performing developers.

• I’ve architected solutions to help win future project work.

• I’ve picked up certifications to help Logic improve our standing in partner programs with Amazon and Google.

• I help contribute and define the offerings in my practice area for winning future work.


Getting Started

My first project at Logic was interesting. The client was a large company well-known across the world. The project area was in a compelling space within the client company. It was writing all new code using the latest cloud technologies. I joined the project team early and had the opportunity to define key elements of the project that are still in use today. The individuals on the team were all bright, intelligent, forward-thinking people looking to make a mark on their company and the industry in general.


An Average Day

When I arrive at work, I start going through email. We have standup with the client at 10am. Occasionally, we have meetings which range from sprint planning to demos to requirements gathering to design. I like to leave the last half of the day for development work.


I also have monthly one-on-ones with all the people I manage. I participate in the weekly Digital Transformation leads sync. Digital Transformation also has a monthly meetup for everyone in the practice area that I attend. I’ve started a weekly lead developers meeting to help build up the lead dev community at Logic.


Tools I Use

I use Java 8 and 11 developed using IntelliJ. We build locally with Maven. We use Git to store code in Github. Code is built either with Jenkins or AWS CodeBuild. In fact, we use a ton of AWS services such as Dynamo, S3, Aurora, KMS, EC2, EKS, CloudFormation, CloudFront, CloudWatch, etc. We use both Microsoft Teams and Slack for communication.


Things I Like About Logic20/20

I’ve met and know the senior leadership by name. More importantly, they know me. That leadership genuinely cares about me and the individuals at the company. My coworkers are all nice, intelligent people who are easy and pleasant to work with. Logic provides me the opportunity to learn and grow both as a software developer and as a leader.


Logic20/20 also offers a ton of opportunities to increase your skills and advance your career. Logic encouraged me to earn the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. They provided me time to study and reimbursed my certification costs. Since then, they’ve provided me a new level of work that uses my certifications. I look forward to picking up other certifications such as the AWS Advanced Networking Specialty or the AWS Machine Learning Specialty and further advancing my career.


We’ve got a ton of new projects coming up for various companies. They all sound super cool to work on. All are built using the newest technology and best in software development practices. I wish I had enough time to work on them all!



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