A Day in the Life - Bruce

A Day in the Life - Bruce


Hi! I’m Bruce, a Senior Consultant here at Logic20/20. I work as a Training and Quality Lead on our Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) team, specifically on the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) governance team.


Our team handles operations management for content requests that need to be made to several of Microsoft’s partner-facing portals, including the Device Partner Center (DPC), Surface, and MPN web pages. We manage the end-to-end process from content creation all the way through to when it gets published. We work with vendor teams to translate content into 11 languages and add that content to webpages in Microsoft’s content management system, Sitecore. We also create and upload assets in a digital asset management (DAM) tool.


My workday

Almost every day for me is different. I usually arrive around 8:00am and start my day by attending to emails and other small things. There are often things to take care of that have changed since I last logged in. We're not a support team, but things do happen! As one of the leads on the team, I troubleshoot issues and often fix them.


After getting emails sorted out, my days are comprised of a few different things: content projects, meetings, training and onboarding, and some other fun stuff!


Content projects

One of my main tasks is working on content projects as a governance project manager, deep within the production side of content creation. I review mockups to ensure the content adheres to style and look/feel requirements, as well as technical production requirements. I usually have anywhere from 9 to 16 projects to manage at a time.


After I’ve done my quality assurance, we hand the project off to another vendor team at Microsoft. They produce the changes in English and then send them off to be localized in other languages. I QA all steps of production along the way.




Triage meetings These meetings are a chance for my team to discuss new content requests. We meet three times per week with Microsoft FTEs and vendor teams to talk about complexities with requests, timing, and dependencies. 


Client meetings We meet with clients to talk about our primary work and any side projects. The side projects include automation of manual and repetitive tasks, as well as new macros to help us perform better governance of mockups. In addition, we are improving the request intake process to help our clients find increased efficiencies.


Stakeholder meetings We regularly meet with people who submit content requests to get clarification on their asks and to plan for future work. This can include talking about upcoming campaigns or pushes, changes to their portal, or simply creating new content.


Portal meetings We have half-hour long internal meetings for each of the single-portal teams (MPN, Surface, and DPC). Those teams also have a combined hour-long run team sync where we trade insights, discuss issues, review changes to governance practices, identify training opportunities, and more.


One consistent theme throughout all our meetings is thinking of new ways to add value beyond our day-to-day work. Five years ago, our team had three people, and now we have over 30, because we have scaled and evolved alongside our clients to meet their business needs. We work hard every day to stay relevant and to innovate, continuing to add value for Microsoft as best we can.


Training and onboarding

I also spend part of my day looking at ways to improve our training and onboarding, identifying knowledge gaps for existing employees, then planning out formal sessions or short presentations to help fill these gaps. I work with clients and Logic leadership to make ensure this gets done well.


Fun stuff

In addition to the variety of client work I do at Logic, I'm also on our internal Brown Bag Committee, so I work with three others to recruit and plan lunchtime informational sessions. Outside of work, I’m a videographer, and I worked last year as the videographer for Logic’s recruiting video!



We use industry-standard tools to manage and deliver our work:


Word and Excel 
I create a lot of macros to introduce automation to our work. I've created reporting macros in Excel and macros in Word for governance reviews, sparing labor-intensive manual processes. That's a fun part of my day – finding ways I can automate and increase efficiency. This saves time and standardizes quality of governance output. With automation, we have more time and energy to focus on what’s important; we minimize the chances for manual error and deliver better results for our clients.


Azure DevOps
Formerly titled Visual Studio Online, Azure DevOps is our tool for managing request queues and driving workflows throughout the entire publishing process.


We work in Sitecore as the content management system for all Microsoft partner portals. We also use CloudDAM as our digital asset management tool.


We use Microsoft Teams to communicate about projects and create forms for a simplified ticketing system within our team.


I love coming to work at Logic every day. I like the leadership team, there's flexibility in work hours, and room for different work styles. This may seem trite, but I also REALLY like the team I work with. They’re very smart people and we do great things. I look forward to continuing to build our relationship with clients who love us!


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