A Day in the Life - Allison

A Day in the Life - Allison

Allison Todd


I work as a manager in our Strategy & Operations practice. I focus on change management projects and projects involving transformation, communications, or training. I also get to be a career manager to other employees, participate in hiring interviews, and work with the sales team on change management project proposals.


My day

One thing that I love about my job and change management in general is that no two days are exactly alike. I get to work on a variety of projects that all look and feel different from each other. Even though the content is diverse, my contributions usually follow a similar structure, regardless of the project:


1. Collect data. Through one-on-one interviews, focus groups, surveys, and meetings, we gather information about the company, its employees and processes, and more. From that data collection I sometimes provide a report with things like a SWOT analysis or user stories.


2. Assess and analyze. I look at the overall situation and analyze where things stand. This analysis takes many forms, including change impact assessment or change readiness assessment. Sometimes I or my team will generate a second report from this information.


3. Inform key leaders. This step involves discussing the information we’ve gathered with key leaders. We may hold a workshop or review of the completed assessments to present our findings in a hands-on way. From these conversations, we can create a plan for next steps or a change roadmap.


4. Develop a plan. We develop a communications plan and strategy, then begin execution of that plan/strategy. This is a key point in the change process where key stakeholders are engaged.


5. Train. Any change usually requires some sort of training, so we develop personalized training and/or a plan that the client will execute. This depends on the sophistication of training internally for the client.


6. Get full buy-in. At this point we look for full buy-in and adoption of the change. This requires us to develop a plan for letting the change sink into the culture, including detailed steps to help the client execute.


My meetings

A lot of my time is spent in meetings!


Project meetings

I meet with my clients frequently to build trust and become familiar with what’s changing in their organization. Depending on the size of project and who I’m working with, I also have frequent project meetings with my team.


If I’m working alone on a project, I often meet with my boss and career manager, Rich Sturm, to bounce ideas. Our discussions help me see if my instincts are correct, whether I’m headed in the right direction for the project, and more. I think it’s important to have a sounding board and avoid staying in a vacuum when working on a project alone.


Sales meetings

When a new proposal is needed, I spend time meeting with our sales team. We meet to discuss the new opportunity, develop the proposal, and make sure we are ready to pitch the proposal to the client.


Other internal meetings

I have internal strategy meetings with leaders in the BS&O practice area to make sure we’re on track for anticipated growth. I also have meetings with my career mentees.


I also meet with other internal coworkers who are interested in change management for one reason or another. Some project teams need change management expertise, and they may use my advice to help with communications, adoption, or training in their projects. Other times, I meet with analysts and consultants who are individually interested in learning more about change management.


As for more “fun” meetings, I’m on the Women’s Committee and attend the Volunteer Committee meetings when they don’t conflict with client or sales work.


What I love about Logic

My favorite thing about working for Logic is the people I get to work with. From leadership to analysts, everyone is a real person and cares about others. Logic has a culture of working together and helping everyone grow, which creates a collaborative, interactive environment. It’s a fun place to work. I know when I’m in the office that I’ll laugh multiple times per day, but don’t know where it will come from.


My first year of working at Logic has flown by because I love coming here every day. I don’t wake up dreading the day ahead. I feel very supported by the company and leadership; they support me in my projects and appreciate how I want to grow as a professional. I’ve been given a lot of freedom in my work, which allows me to explore my creative side. I really enjoy that! I also have a lot of flexibility in my schedule and can prioritize my well-being, which has been wonderful.



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