5 Ways to Use Data Effectively

5 Ways to Use Data Effectively


5 ways to use data more effectively


You'll learn how to


Evaluate analytics maturity


Architect data for sharing


 Increase analytics adoption


Establish data governance


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68% of data goes unleveraged

Is your data just taking up space?

of the data available to most businesses goes unleveraged.

Source: Rethink Data Report, Seagate


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An excerpt from "5 Ways to Use Data More Effectively in Your Organization"

As groups within your organization develop partnerships around accountability and data quality, a cultural shift begins. Data inclusivity and transparency come into focus, increasing adoption of new data-driven processes. These partnerships should prioritize the following “culture catalysts”:

• Easy knowledge exchange

• Collaboration-focused communication

• Seamless access to resources and information


One opportunity to integrate these catalysts is through user-centric solutions within the data lifecycle. Designing with your team members in mind will build an open, safe culture of transparency, feedback, and involvement.


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Data is spurring unprecedented innovation

Increases in available data are fueling innovations in analytics and AI to foster improvements in customer satisfaction, competitive positioning, and process efficiency. At the same time, user-friendly data platforms are enabling business users to become more self-sufficient and sophisticated, taking the volume and velocity of new data in stride.


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Data fuels innovation