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At Logic20/20, we understand the unique needs of our Retail & Consumer Product clients and the impact of digitization on the entire customer and supply end-to-end lifecycle. Logic20/20 partners with our retail and consumer product customers to create great customer experiences across multiple channels that drive brand value and produce lasting results and business growth.


Modernizing operational and retail technology tools & processes

Within the increasingly competitive retail and consumer product environment, our clients our looking for new perspectives in technology and process to improve their competitive advantage. At Logic20/20, we bring both industry specific knowledge and a breadth of technology experience; we help our customers understand the emerging innovations and options to grow their business now. We provide support for our retail and consumer product clients for their core online, retail support, merchandising, and in-store solutions so that they get the most out of their investments with project leadership, process re-engineering, online and retail solution implementation, training, organizational change management in retail, and post go-live support.

Enabling multi-channel consumer engagement

Logic20/20 helps our retail and consumer product clients understand how they can leverage technology to modernize their customer engagement, marketing solutions, and processes. We help them engage their target audiences in the correct channel at the right time to maximize conversion opportunities. Logic20/20 supports our clients through the development of digital engagement strategies, technology/vendor selection, project leadership, process re-engineering, and solution implementation. We set up digital engagement operations to improve customer acquisition and satisfaction rates, while lowering overall cost of ownership for the business.

Creating data driven decision platforms to react to consumer needs real-time online and in-store

At Logic20/20, we help our retail & consumer product clients create a culture of measurement and innovation that allows for real-time insight into complex product development, sales, marketing and operation scenarios and supports business decision making. Our teams seamlessly integrate with our clients to create insight through visualizations, supported by data platforms and data movement solutions. We help our customers unlock opportunities by adapting their sales and marketing strategies; improving customer engagement and to refining operational processes to improve customer acquisition and drive increase revenue.

Revenue attribution and the success of multi-channel marketing tactics

At Logic20/20, we help retail and consumer product clients develop Revenue attribution strategies and models to align or match specific marketing costs to the sales revenue they receive. Logic20/20’s Revenue attribution process provides significant insights into which marketing campaigns and initiatives work, and to what degree. It helps our clients better allocate marketing dollars and resources to the campaigns that customers engage with. Our process is proven to increase revenue while saving our customers time and money.


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