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Supporting non-profit organizations who work to make an impact in both the local and global communities.


Logic20/20 supports nonprofit organizations to improve customer satisfaction, and increase the overall effect the organization will have. We help to create scalable systems and business processes that drive impactful and positive outcomes. Our focus is to create outcomes that resonate with both the users, and the stakeholders. 


Our teams understand the importance of delivering solutions on time and under budget so the focus can remain on the cause that is being supported. It’s our mission to affordably address the growing needs of non-profits, and create the infrastructure to allow them to impact communities.


Modernizing Tools & Processes

We help our non-profit clients understand how they can leverage technology to modernize their aging legacy solutions, infrastructure and processes. By reducing maintenance, and implementing new processes and technologies, we enable our clients to focus where it matters – on improving the community. With a technology agnostic approach, we create the right solution for each challenge; supporting our clients through project leadership, solution implementation, training, organizational change, and post go-live support.

Improved Analytics and Reporting

Many non-profit organizations are working with tight budgets, and want to make a large impact while improving fundraising and saving on cost. Logic20/20 brings strategic and analytical expertise, and works with non-profit clients to create customized, scalable solutions that will streamline their reporting and analytics, improve fundraising, and consolidate data. Our mission is to update our client's analytics infrastructure to a coherent, structured environment that supports the business community.

Unified Communication and Strategy

Many non-profit's face challenges when it comes to collaboration and communication, which is needed to grow operations. Logic20/20 works with clients to leverage their expertise and create detailed analyses that will create a unified vision and collaboration strategy. Consultants create user personas and assess the real business needs and challenges of each. We will help scale communication operations and tools, and create a roadmap that leads toward organizational change.

Making Operational Gains Easy

Public and philanthropic organizations often face unique budgetary challenges; to invest in operational improvements requires special attention to allocations, spend timelines, and investors. Logic20/20 supports our public and social sector clients with this challenge. We integrate operational process improvements into daily activities that improve stakeholder and citizen satisfaction and align investment to drive greater social outcomes.

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