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Advancing business insights to improve operational efficiency.

Life sciences and biotechnology firms are doing critical business. We support your work by helping to integrate new technologies into your businesses,and successfully navigate IT challenges. Our experienced teams at Logic20/20 focus on strategy and change management, as well the latest technology to improve functionality and streamline communication. Our goal is to help your company use data and insights to gain a competitive edge.



Our Life Science Expertise

Process improvements reduce inefficiencies

Slow, inefficient business processes are more than a nuisance — they can be a drain on resources and blunt your competitive edge. Scaling your organization and improving business agility requires taking a close look at how you do things and implementing proven best practices for process improvement. We apply a proprietary process improvement methodology to update and refine your business processes, train your teams on the new systems, and measure the impact on your business.

Organization transformation drives innovation

Our life sciences customer are doing life-saving, cutting edge science. But back-end processes are being supported by outdated infrastructures that are ill equipped for the demands being placed on them. If you’re working with siloed data and disconnected technology, it’s slowing down your time to market. We take the time to understand your business and user goals and implement the infrastructure improvements that help your business operate more efficiently and get high-quality data to your teams.


Automation and RPA streamlines processes

When you look to reduce cost, scale effectively, and improve the accuracy of your work, automation is often the answer. Tools like robotic process automation and machine learn help you manage manual, repetitive work and standardized processes. Logic20/20 goes beyond traditional automation to focus on transformation of business processes through intelligent automation (IA).

Leveraging data insight to capitalize on industry changes

At Logic20/20 it’s our goal to help our life science clients create a culture of measurement and innovation. Real-time insight can be a game-changer for complex scenarios; including everything from evaluating interventions and personalized drug performance, to monitoring key metrics like time to market, and keeping tabs on information for your end-to-end delivery processes. Our teams have extensive experience developing strategies for using data to drive real change and impact your businesses, stakeholders and patients.



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