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Leveraging our expertise & technology to drive innovation.

In the field of healthcare, we support better patient outcomes by helping providers adapt their business processes to changing industry dynamics by using the latest technology. Our clients engage with Logic20/20 to spur innovation and enable well-informed decision making. Our mission for Healthcare is to create clarity and drive higher quality patient-centric outcomes at a lower cost.



Our Healthcare Expertise

Patient Engagement and Digital Health

Rapid healthcare industry change over the last couple of years has shifted the dynamic between healthcare providers, payors, insurance brokers and their customers (patients and businesses). The democratization of choice and transparency have made customer experience the #1 priority for many organizations. At Logic20/20, we’d been delivering user-centered solutions for over 10 years; our healthcare consultants support our clients and create engaging digital experiences to acquire, engage and retain members.


Knowledge Management & BI Portals

In order for change, key players need access to data that is easily accessible and organized. Logic20/20 helps our clients leverage knowledge management platforms and BI Portals to inform business decisions and create business value. Logic20/20 supports our clients through the development of streamlined processes across multiple channels, allowing siloed entities to communicate and share information.

Leveraging Data Insight to capitalize on Industry changes

At Logic20/20 it’s our goal to help our healthcare clients create a culture of measurement and innovation. Real-time insight can be a game-changer for complex scenarios; including everything from evaluating interventions and personalized drug performance, to dynamic Medicaid analysis, to key information on your end-to-end delivery processes. Our teams have extensive experience partnering with healthcare providers, insurance brokers, and healthcare payors to develop strategies for using data to drive real change.

Making Operational Gains Easy

Healthcare organizations often face unique budgetary challenges; to invest in operational improvements requires special attention to allocations and spend timelines. Logic20/20 supports our healthcare clients with this challenge. We integrate operational process improvements into daily activities that improve stakeholder and patient satisfaction and align investment to drive greater patient outcomes.

Healthcare Analytics Portals

Increase ease of use and user adoption for analytics assets.

Your organization probably spends a lot of time and resources developing business intelligence dashboards to create a data-driven culture.


A healthcare analytics portal allows you to access all the dashboard and analytics assets in your company, irrespective of technology, location, and department. Portals focus on user experience, delivering relevant and timely content about the analytics assets and encouraging user interaction and feedback.


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