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Serving schools and universities who work to support their students now and in the future.


Logic20/20 partners with educational organizations to deliver their most important initiatives by aligning people, processes, and technology. We recognize the need to improve graduation rates and access funding, and are dedicated to providing solutions that address these critical requirements in a timely manner. Our consultants have identified the most innovative technology, including predictive analytics to reduce drop out rates, and creating dashboards that serve as a single source of truth when comparing GPAs. 


We understand that when working with schools and universities there is a great deal of sensitive and personal information. Our teams are committed to maintaining security by providing high-performing solutions that are designed for easy management. It’s our mission to give as many children as possible the tools and guidance they need to grow and succeed.


Modernizing Tools & Processes

We help our education clients understand how they can leverage technology to modernize their aging legacy solutions, infrastructure and processes. By reducing maintenance, both financially and temporally, and implementing new processes and technologies, we enable our clients to focus where it matters – on improving the lives of their students. With a technology agnostic approach, we create the right solution for each challenge; supporting our clients through technology selection, and project leadership through to solution implementation, training, organizational change, and post go-live support.

Manage Transformational Initiatives

Large programs and projects can have a dramatic impact on students, but implementation requires careful oversight and attention to unique organizational dependencies. Logic20/20’s strategy & operations consultants have program and project management expertise to ensure that initiatives exceed delivery expectations. Our consultants integrate with customer teams to manage and coordinate the development of business cases, design strategic roadmaps, implement technology modernization solutions, and support organizational change.

Driving Data Insight

At Logic20/20, we’re challenging the notion that creating a culture of measurement and innovation is unaffordable or hopelessly complex. Our teams have extensive experience partnering with K-12, and higher education organizations to develop strategies and understand to use data to drive real change and impact to their communities and citizens. Our tried and tested data analytics approaches, combine with our industry-specific expertise, helps us create analytics solutions that support integrated decision-making that engages stakeholders and citizens alike, while enhancing transparency and governance.

Creation of Strategic Roadmaps

Educational organizations often face challenges when finding the best way to support their students. Logic20/20 works to assess the current state of the organization, as well as the rest of the market, find the most critical business challenges, and build a comprehensive strategic plan to solve their challenge. We will create a clarity of vision by building a program management roadmap with a packaged set of actionable initiatives that will help businesses get on track and achieve their goals.


“We can now use accurate, timely, and accessible data about at risk students and many other performance indicators, to inform how we evaluate, invest in, and sustain programs. Having access to accurate data...has been a game changer for us."


Pegi McEvoy

Executive Director of Operations
Washington School District


Corona Norco
Seattle Public Schools
University of Washington
Walla Walla


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