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Levering our expertise to drive innovation in the Agriculture sector.

Logic20/20 partners with agriculture organizations to deliver their most important initiatives by aligning people, processes, and tools. We help them achieve their organizational goals and drive impactful positive outcomes for their businesses and communities. It’s our mission to bring measurement into the agriculture section to promote the intelligent growth of industry with an eye towards sustainability.

Our expertise

Modernizing Legacy Agriculture Tools & Updating Processes

We help our agriculture clients understand how they can leverage technology to modernize their aging legacy solutions, infrastructure and processes. By reducing maintenance, both financially and temporally, and implementing new processes and technologies, we enable our clients to focus where it matters – on the sustainable growth of the global food supply. With a technology agnostic approach, we create the right solution for each challenge; supporting our clients through technology/vendor selection, project leadership, and process re-engineering through to solution implementation, training, organizational change, and post go-live support.

Making Sense of Agribusiness Data/Sensor Overload

At Logic20/20 it’s our goal to help our agriculture clients create a culture of measurement and innovation. Real-time insight can be a game-changer for complex scenarios; including everything from granular data on soil conditions and creating efficient planting and harvesting schedules, to determining the optimal usage of heavy equipment and key information on your end-to-end delivery processes. Our teams have extensive experience partnering with agriculture organizations to develop strategies for using data to drive real change and impact their businesses, stakeholders and production.

Plan & Manage Agriculture Transformation Initiatives

Large programs and projects can have a dramatic impact on stakeholders, employees and operations, but implementation requires careful oversight and attention to unique organizational dependencies. Logic20/20’s strategy & operations consultants have program and project management expertise to support our agriculture clients and ensure that initiatives are not just executed but exceed delivery expectations; coming in on time and on budget. Our consultants integrate with customer teams to manage and coordinate the development of business cases, design strategic roadmaps, implement technology modernization solutions, and support organizational change.


Operational Gains to Increase Productivity

Agriculture organizations often face unique budgetary challenges; to invest in operational improvements requires special attention to allocations, spend timelines, and investors. Logic20/20 supports our agriculture clients with this challenge. We integrate operational process improvements into daily activities that improve user satisfaction and align investment to drive greater financial and business outcomes.


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