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It’s about clarity.

Companies thrive when they have a clear picture of where they are, where they’re going, and the tools that they need to stay focused and solve problems along the way. At Logic20/20, we create clarity for our customers and collaborate to solve business challenges. 


With expertise in both business and technology consulting, our teams focus on strategy, project leadership, analytics, technology enablement, and managed services. The intersection of business and technology is our sweet spot-we view all of our projects through the lens of business problem we are trying to solve. Our consultants work along-side our customers, building relationships and solutions that help organizations to succeed today, with an eye towards sustainable growth in the future.

Leadership and Execution

We help companies deliver their most important initiatives by aligning people, process, and tools.

Digital Transformation

Automate repetitive tasks through smart technology so you can grow, scale, and increase the speed of innovation to market.

Advanced Analytics

We enable data driven decisions by focusing on your customer and the intelligent pursuit of useful information

Managed Services

We help you manage the cloud lifecycle to free up time; you can focus on top priorities through affordable, predictable solutions.

What sets us apart

Our differentiators

Our differentiator is our focus on clarity to drive simple and efficient customer outcomes.


We help organizations:


Predict and increase their sales,

Understand their customers,

Automate repetitive tasks, 

Increase the speed of innovation to market.

Our people

The Logic20/20 difference begins with our people. It’s our belief that a group of happy, dedicated people can do amazing things together. With broad experience across verticals and technologies, our business and technology consultants deliver all of their projects with relentless attention to the intersection of business and technology.

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