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Live chat | Virtual customer assistants

Today's customers want quick responses. Live chat & virtual customer assistants integrate with legacy systems to improve CX & reduce cost through automation.


Using live chat and virtual customer assistants leads to happier customers and more engaged agents.


Today’s customer wants to connect on messaging channels, just like they do in their personal lives. This gives brands a chance to engage on the same level as a friend. Virtual agents improve customer support with 24/7 messaging accessibility and quick resolution to simple questions and problems or route customers to the right live chat agent. The "better together" approach to messaging support includes live chat and virtual assistants to automate repetitive task (like FAQs) and supports agents - working together, they deliver top notch customer care. 


Virtual agents can support internal users as well, acting as assistants and trainers to customer support and sales agents. Using AI and machine learning, virtual agents supply live chat agents with timely information to help customers and act as an intelligent interface to the company knowledge management wiki. Agents can hit the ground running, with less training, saving time and cost. With information at their fingertips, productivity increases, and agents can close out more queries (and sales).



Benefits to live chat & virtual customer agents
Cost reduction

Streamline training & resolve questions faster

Increase tNPS

Create better experiences with lower customer effort

Productivity increase

Automate repetitive tasks & support multiple customers at the same time

Competitive advantage

Integrated messaging platform supports messaging and cross channel engagement

Create seamless customer experiences.

Best in class customer service happens across channels and locations. Our client wanted to engage their customers on messaging through social channels, on Apple Business Chat, web, and SMS. Creating a customer service platform allowed them to integrate with legacy systems and implement microservice applications to improve customer service over time.

The outcome? Higher tNPS, lower agent churn, and decrease support costs. 

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