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Healthcare Analytics Portals

Get the information you need, right when you need it. 


An analytics portal is a centralized access point for healthcare professionals to find important patient statistics, survey responses, and other metrics. You may have heard it called a BI portal, an analytics hub, or something else, but the function remains the same: all files, reports, and training material are stored in one placeUsers have secure access to the information they need and can customize their experience to fit their needs. Healthcare teams are organized like never before. Streamline communication, increase hospital performance, and improve patient outcomes with an analytics portal.



Why Analytics Portals Work


Filters, search, and metadata tags allow you to easily find assets.


All files, reports, documents, and training materials are available in a single portal.

Technology Agnostic

You can view patient and hospital analytics, regardless of file type or platform.


You can access assets from across your organization, regardless of their location.


Each user has a custom interface and can provide feedback on their experience.


Users receive the correct level of access, all without compromising data security.

Our Implementation Process

BI Portals Implementation Process

Case Study - Patient Experience

A use case study outlining the key steps and value of designing an analytics portal to track and improve upon patient experience






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