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Enterprise dashboard process: Ensure business value and actionable insight



Are you a data scientist, business analyst, or manager struggling with creating dashboards? Or maybe you have created dashboards, but people aren't using them like you had thought.


At Logic20/20, our dashboard consultants have worked internationally with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world.

When we look at enterprise analytics today we see these three widespread problems with dashboard design and implementation:


1. Lack of business value

Many people struggle with understanding how to extract value from their data. They might not be asking the right questions to get to the data and dashboard that will create business value.


2. Not achieving behavioral change

Many people working with data don’t think through the desired end results – the action that they want people to take in response to the data insights. They don’t know what levers should be pulled – if the data shows X, do Y. As a result, their dashboard is doomed for failure. If you want to make an impact, you must have a plan in place to change user behavior.



3. Poor user adoption

Most data professionals take a "build it and they will come" approach to data and dashboards. They have no idea what it takes to properly launch a dashboard in their organization. And as a result, users don’t adopt the new tool into their work process. By levering change management principles, you can increase user adoption and the impact that your data and dashboard have across the organization.


Are you seeing these problems in your organization?


If you’re ready to start seeing the ROI on the investments made into your business intelligence processes by making your data valuable and actionable, we have a free training that shows the step-by-step process. Nicholas Kelly shares the dashboard consulting process that has helped Fortune 100 companies implement practical and successful approaches to deal with analytics challenges.



You'll discover key processes to make your data valuable and actionable:
dashboard with business value
Ensure your dashboard has business value
implement change strategy to increase adoption
Include actions to change behavior
dashboards that impact business
Own adoption & make a lasting impact