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Business Intelligence Dashboards 


Are you struggling with dashboards?
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Learn from analytics expert Nicholas Kelly as he shares the practical approach that has helped organizations from startups to the Fortune 100. 
If you're a data scientist, business analyst, or manager experiencing dashboard challenges, this webinar will help you:
Interact with your data
Prepare an action plan
Design a tool that works


Issues addressed

Lack of business value

People often struggle to ask the right questions of their data. Knowing what to ask—and how to ask it—is essential for getting actionable information.

Lack of behavioral change

When your dashboard does deliver valuable insights, how do you respond? You must have a plan in place for next steps, including short-term action and long-term behavioral change.

Poor user adoption

Dashboards are often built without enough stakeholder input, resulting in poor adoption and low ROI. Using change management principles, you can increase dashboard impact across your organization.