Digital Hive Partner

Logic20/20 & Digital Hive


Better informed with Digital Hive.

As a Digital Hive partner since August 2019, we have the tools to organize data and uncover your organization’s unique business insights. Data-driven decisions are easier with a clear and comprehensive data story displayed in a custom user experience.



Through our partnership with Digital Hive, we promote strong data culture. We are able to provide:
Governed Data

With enterprise-class governance and security, we apply comprehensive governance in a single platform.

Fast Integration

Digital Hive's easy-to-use interface uses drag and drop functionality to integrate data quickly and get results faster.

Big Data Accessibility

Provide flexible options to make big data accessible and solve any challenge to drive the most business value.

Data Visualization

Smart, responsive visualizations and advanced analytics integrations allow users to explore calculations in real-time.

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