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Data Privacy

Data privacy today, in a nutshell

Data privacy today, in a nutshell

When the European Union introduced GDPR in 2016, they were creating the “gold standard” for governing bodies seeking to protect the privacy of their residents. California's CCPA and other laws that followed have some key features in common that mirror GDPR, including:

  • • Geographic coverage based on the consumer’s residency, not the business’ location
  • • The granting of specific rights to consumers that businesses are required to honor
  • • Sufficient "teeth"—in the form of significant consequences for violations—to compel businesses to comply

Data privacy explained for:        business leaders                  

In many organizations, managing the processes and technology that support compliance with data privacy regulations falls to business leaders. The directive often sounds something like "Please make sure you're compliant with data privacy laws. Thank you."


As a business leader, you’re responsible for

  • • Understanding your data—including all the details of how, where, and why it’s used, who has access to it, how you're securing it, and what happens when you no longer need it
  • • Creating the processes to manage data privacy requests (e.g. "give me all the personal data you've collected on me" or "forget you ever knew me")
  • • Training your team on those processes
  • • Maintaining the system so that you stay in a constant state of data privacy readiness

That's a lot of to "do's" to pile onto your already full to-do list, and it's just the beginning.


To manage this, you’re talking to the data privacy team (in legalese), the data teams (in data), and the technology teams (tech talk), and trying to translate that into the information your team needs to actually execute on data privacy requests.



Why business leaders are critical for data privacy readiness

Business leaders have a unique big-picture perspective of how the organization does business, which positions them to track the flow of personal data as it travels into and through various departments and systems.

Business leaders have the leadership acumen and authority to determine a strategic path for achieving readiness, communicate with key stakeholders, and work with various groups—from sales to customer service to IT to marketing—to bring them in line with the business' strategic data privacy readiness goals.



How we can help

At Logic20/20, we understand "the how behind the what." We have a unique data privacy team that includes lawyers, data teams, strategists, and architects, and we implement the technology and processes you need to have in place to get compliant—and stay that way.


Regardless of which regulations apply to you, we’ll set you up for success by implementing a practical and scalable company-wide solution. We have a proven, repeatable process that we tailor to the specific needs of your organization and your teams.

Data privacy
Data privacy

We focus our data privacy approach on achieving readiness for GDPR, CCPA, and/or whatever similar laws apply to your organization. Our experts help you achieve an ongoing understanding of the data in your organization that keeps you aligned with existing regulations, prepared to respond to data requests, and ready for future requirements.


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Data privacy as a service
Data privacy as a service (DPaaS)

DPaaS runs a bit like a traditional managed service, but with a dedicated team of data privacy professionals that improve your ecosystem and stay on top new regulations. We take the time to understand your current data privacy program, establish lines of communication, and provide cross-functional training across teams.


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