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Data Privacy

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We speak data privacy.


“What does data privacy readiness look like?” Ask this simple question, and the answer you get will probably depend on who you’re talking to. The legal expert will talk about privacy policies and addressing liability risks. The security expert will talk about preventing breaches. The customer care expert will talk about providing a good experience when customers call to request access or deletion of their data. And the IT expert will talk about the data architecture and processes you need to make sure you’re following regulations on a practical level.


So, who’s right? All of them.


Data privacy is a complex issue, touching multiple parts of the business and requiring the coordinated efforts of different users who think and communicate differently. Different teams may use a whole different language to talk about their requirements and responsibilities in achieving data privacy readiness. Furthermore, GDPR, CCPA, and similar data privacy regulations are relatively new and the landscape is changing rapidly, so most organizations don’t have business-wide processes in place to support an effective data privacy compliance program.


At Logic20/20, we’re fluent in the languages of legal, technology, and business.


We’ve assembled a unique team of lawyers, data experts, and strategists who speak your language and align to the needs of your part of the business. Our strength lies in our ability to translate between teams and work across the entire business to implement the tools you need to be successful.



Choose your language above, and we’ll walk through the key ways that we can support your data privacy needs, together.