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Data privacy readiness advisory service

Data Privacy Readiness Advisory Service

Ever since the European Union passed legislation that would become the GDPR, data privacy has become a permanent fixture on the global business landscape. Even if you have a robust plan for achieving and maintaining readiness for the laws that apply to you, sometimes you need a team of data privacy experts to support a specific need.


Data privacy expertise for real-world challenges

Attract a buyer for your business

Data privacy reviews have become part of the standard due diligence process for firms looking to acquire. If your organization is in the market for a merger or acquisition, a data privacy team can help you anticipate potential buyers’ concerns and make your business a more attractive target.

Evaluate a new technology or process

If your organization is planning to integrate a new technology or process that affects personal data, it’s important to assess the potential impact on your privacy readiness. A team of experts on the legal and technical aspects of data privacy can provide the in-depth advice you need to approach your decision with confidence. Learn how we helped a professional association understand a testing platform’s impact on their members’ data privacy.

Know where you stand today

Data privacy is an ever-evolving field, with new laws, regulations, and court rulings appearing on a regular basis. If you want to know where you stand today in terms of data privacy readiness, an advisory team can help you understand what is working well and identify gaps to be addressed.

Prepare to enter new markets

Maybe your organization is in good shape with respect to the data privacy laws that apply to you today, but you’re looking to move into a new market with its own regulations. An advisory team can help you understand how the new requirements apply to your business and begin building a readiness plan to ensure a smooth market entry. Find out how we helped a healthcare SaaS provider prepare to enter the European market with a GDPR readiness plan.


Our approach


We’ve assembled a deeply experienced team of lawyers, data experts, and strategists—all thoroughly versed in data privacy requirements—to help clients achieve their data privacy readiness goals. We work closely with our client through a five-stage process to deliver the intelligence they need:


Data Privacy Advisory - our approach 


1. Collect

Through interviews with subject matter experts, documentation reviews, and process analyses, we identify, collect, and reconcile relevant and useful information as the basis of our research.


2. Assess

Our team formulates hypotheses and creates documentation entailing all insights obtained from the collection phase.


3. Socialize

We share findings with core stakeholders to obtain buy-in and consensus.


4. Synthesize

Our experts expand on qualitative insights and identify areas of highest risk to serve as the focus of remediation efforts.


5. Realize

We develop and deliver recommendations that are identified through both qualitative and quantitative inputs.


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