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Data integration and Transformation

As technology advances, more and more convenient and efficient solutions emerge, and companies naturally move to adopt them to improve the way they run their business. Then the questions arise. What do you do with the legacy systems? How do you integrate the new systems into your data landscape? Where does your master data management come in and which tools facilitate it? By analyzing the data already available in your company and the interconnections of the key components, Logic20/20 technology consultants enable organizations to connect the dots. From a streamlined data flow from application to application, composing the source of truth (“golden”) record, or delivering data to cutting edge technologies, we discover ways and apply techniques to enrich and transform. This increases the usefulness and value of your data across the organization and enables better, faster decision-making.


Practice Area Lead

Mick Wagner

Mick Wagner
Experienced leader helping teams succeed with data lifecycle strategy, solution architecture, data management, and more.


Adam Cornille

Adam Cornille
Data science leader and practitioner with over a decade of field experience in development, statistics, and management practices.


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