Data Engineer

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Data Engineer

Logic20/20 is hiring Data Engineers to join our Advanced Analytics team. Data Engineers at Logic20/20 possess in-depth business and technical knowledge; they initiate and drive discussions with business partners to identify business issues that can be solved using analytic. Data Engineer Leads are adept at managing and mentoring people and communicating with clients. As learners by nature, they research relevant emerging empirical methods and quantitative tools.
Technically, Data Engineers can extract data from various databases, perform exploratory data analysis, cleanses, massages, and aggregates data. They employ scaling & automation to data preparation techniques, introducing incremental improvements to data analysis, visualization, and presentation techniques to communicate discoveries.
Lead Data Engineers develop and drive projects across departments and continuously develop processes to automate and scale insights operationalization. They lead externally be presenting insights in the broader analytics community and mentor internal data scientists in pioneering techniques and business acumen.

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Influence Business

Initiate and drive discussions with key business partners

Collaboration & Mentorship

Work with a variety of teams internally and foster mentoring relationships

New Technology

Leverage a variety of technology to solve customer challenges

Interesting datasets

Clients across verticals, including Fortune 500 companies, have broad and complex data