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It's time for a new approach to customer service.

89% of consumers will buy more from companies that deliver an exceptional customer experience. (Source)

Every year around 30% of U.S. contact center agents quit, mainly due to low job satisfaction. (Source)

86% of consumers expect online self-service options. (Source)

93% of customers still rely on phone-based service, even with a host of digital options available. (Source)

92% of contact centers are continuing to invest or increasing investments in multiple channels. (Source)


Customer service, evolved

Rapidly evolving customer expectations and increasing competition have raised the bar for customer service, requiring organizations to rethink their approach and seek out creative solutions. The goal is clear: a seamless customer service environment where customers receive prompt resolution to their issues, agents have the resources they need at their fingertips, and the business sees real results at the bottom line.


Logic20/20 has developed a dynamic, AI-driven approach to elevating your customer service experience. We look at customer care from a holistic perspective, taking into account all the human and technological factors that make up your service experience. We then design and implement a strategy that aligns with your overall business goals to achieve your vision of what customer care should be.


✓ Offer customers an outstanding service experience.

✓ Give your best customer service agents a reason to stay.

✓ Optimize the customer-to-agent phone experience.


✓ Empower customers to solve problems through self-service.

✓ Meet customer expectations for an omnichannel experience.

✓ Provide your business with a sustainable, low-code solution.

Our strategic approach

Our team has honed a strategic approach to customer service solution design over years of experiencing assessing the complex factors that influence success: people, processes, and technologies. These factors are always changing, but our focus on the core principles of good service and commitment to vision and roadmap will help us shape solutions that are aligned with your business goals and in step with your strategic transformation.


In building the road to your vision, we can help your business lead customer expectations with omnichannel enablers such as


voice transcription plus AI
Transcription plus AI

Real-time phone call transcription with AI-enabled solution recommendations

virtual agent
Virtual agents

24/7 responsive messaging for customers needing service anytime, anywhere

customer insights
Smart customer insights

Real-time customer data at the agent's fingertips


“We measure customer satisfaction on every channel and the messaging scores are very close to the assisted scores, which are damned near perfect—something a traditional chatbot could never achieve.”


Technology leader
T-Mobile Digital Group

A win for your customers, your agents, and your business

Your customers win

24/7 availability
Premium customer service is available all day, every day, from any device.

Faster problem resolution
Automation tools and agents have the information they need to solve customers' problems faster.

Choice of channels
Whether they call, text, email, message, or use every channel available, customers have a seamless service experience.

Your agents win

All-in-one dashboard
Agents can track all open cases in one spot, with AI-powered knowledge management built right in.

AI-powered tools
Intelligent bots handle repeatable tasks, while AI-powered insights help agents uncover the information they need, when they need it.

Real-time voice transcription
No more typing notes and trying to answer questions at the same time.

Your business wins

Reduced customer churn
Salesforce customers report a 45% increase in customer retention and 31% faster case resolution.

Scalable automation
Accommodate surges in demand without skipping a beat.

Work-anywhere flexibility
Reduce customer care overhead by helping agents work anywhere and give managers the tools they need to manage a remote workforce.

Why Logic20/20 for customer service solutions?

Digital transformation expertise

Driven by our deep expertise in DevOps, systems integration, and data migration, we help businesses exceed customer expectations and grow their competitive edge.

Deep technical experience

Our team has decades of experience with CRM platforms and other tools that can help customer care teams create exceptional digital experiences.

Strategic service management

Informed by many years of enabling service management solutions, we design and implement strategies that work for all parties involved: customers, customer service teams, and business operations.

Omnichannel capabilities

Because we know messaging (including Apple Business Chat), virtual agents, social media, and traditional channels, clients count on us to elevate their customer experience and improve customer retention.

Advanced analytics expertise

Through our partnership with Tableau and our advanced analytics expertise, we help customer care centers leverage data to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Cross-functional synergies

Our culture fosters continuous collaboration between teams from different domains, enabling us to gain a fresh perspective on challenges and develop innovative solutions.



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