Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Making customer engagement your strategic advantageWe use next generation customer engagement to elevate customer experiences and create more opportunities for your business.

Customer service platforms change the game in customer experience strategy by enabling maximum convenience on the customers’ terms, rendering traditional reactive forms of customer service obsolete. In today’s evolving business landscape, the customer’s experience itself as a crucial part of the product and the effectiveness of a business’ customer engagement and social care strategy is now just as important as the actual goods or services the business provides.


Logic20/20’s next generation Customer Engagement offerings give organizations everything they need to create and maintain an all-inclusive, wraparound customer experience with added benefits of reduced costs, decrease in employee attrition, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Multi-channel engagement

Provide service and social care to your customers when they need it through their preferred channel of communication, including Apple Business Chat.

Machine Learning

Determine the best next move in a customer interaction and send targeted content to the customer when they’re most likely to be receptive to it.

Predictive analytics & Data science

Explore what’s possible with data and get data-informed answers to your customer’s questions based on current and historical data.


Leverage fully customizable bots with natural language processing to answer FAQs, route customer requests, and support agents.

Customizable widget

Care agents save time and avoid checking other programs by leveraging views through customizable widgets.

Authentication and security

Encryption of customer information and immediate security in the event of a cyber-attack provide mutual trust between business and customers.


Anatomy of a next generation customer engagement platform

Customer Engagement Platforms are sets of tools and applications that integrate smoothly into a company’s existing online presence and social care strategy. They consist of a customizable combination of AI, bots, built-in advanced analytics, and agent handling, aimed at providing a seamless, scalable customer experience from start to finish.
Logic20/20 customer engagement development teams leverage Agile methodologies and DevOps best practices to create a environment of continuous integration and continuous deployment to deliver real business value.

Immediate value with new tools, widgets & functionality.


Deliver features to your agents and customers faster.

Intersection of business and technology

Solutions based on your business challenges.

Agile methodologies

Agile development keeps up with changing business needs.

Using Chatbots for Customer Service

If your company has any kind of online customer service presence, you probably should use bots. Here’s why:

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Apple Business Chat for B2C Communications
Apple Business Chat
Improving CSAT Performance

High customer satisfaction builds loyalty and retention, reducing costs and increasing revenue when your customers recommend your company to their friends. It also provides invaluable data to inform your company’s next moves and helps you project your company’s future.

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