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Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketers are data rich and insight poor; with information pouring in across channels about engagement and content. Conversion optimization starts with assessing customer journeys and progresses through data analysis and visual analytics, giving your teams the information they need to optimize your marketing environments and improve ROI on marketing spends. 


Listen in as Digital Marketing leadership Steve Sack and Deborah Lackey talk through the process (and why you care).  




1. Increase profitability

Customer segmentation and persona development to enable sales

Pain: A company wants to optimize sales by categorizing the services they sell to partner companies, but the company doesn’t know why their partners purchase one service over another.

Solution: Use customer data to create personas, develop go-to-market plan around personas, and create messaging and assets to support this strategy.

Outcome: Enable smarter targeting and streamline sales approach.


2. Increase engagement

Call to Action (CTA) adjustment to increase registration sign-ups

Pain: A company has high traffic to their event landing page but low click through rate (CTR) on registration.

Solution: Conduct multivariate testing for text, color, size, and location of CTA button.

Outcome: Adjust the CTA button using customer preferences to boost registration CTR, increasing overall event attendance.


3. Increase brand loyalty

Data utilization to create personalized content for delivery to customers

Pain: A company is struggling to deliver the right content at the right time.

Solution: Utilize existing customer data to create personalized content for delivery to customers.

Outcome: Increase in local store and/or site traffic through delivery of personalized content that is relevant to each specific user, based on past interactions, purchases, etc. This ultimately leads to an increase in engagement, support along the customers’ journey, and a more targeted focus to guide the customer’s final purchase or action decision.


4. Increase customer acquisition

A/B testing to drive customers through the marketing funnel

Pain: A company struggles to attract new customers and needs a pipeline of new prospects.

Solution: Use A/B testing process to iterate and optimize owned content and website to improve desired customer behavior and prioritize based on expected improvement and ease to execute.

Outcome: More prospects engaging with top-of-funnel, inbound marketing content, visiting company website, and taking desired action.


5. Improve customer experience

User experience improvements to increase engagement and retention

Pain: Customer retention rates are low due to poor user interface.

Solution: Develop stronger web platform and improve UI, including better integrations for social channels.

Outcome: The overall customer experience is better, keeping users engaged and improving retention, increasing the likelihood of conversion.





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