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Global Delivery, Connected Teams


We’re committed to a connected experience for our entire team, regardless of location or access to a physical office. We’re evolving programs over time through our Connected Delivery Task Force and rolling out new programs as they’re complete. What do Connected Teams look like?


Connected Hubs provide a balanced experience of virtual and face-to-face connections through an evolving mix of collaboration space, technology, and culture building events.


We’ll host regional social events and, as our teams grow, build out flexible or permanent office spaces. Part of the excitement is building a regional presence, together. You’ll be influencing the microcultures in your personal region.


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With a focus on building Connected Culture and fostering a “culture of we,” we're invested in programs and experiences that bring people together.


• Video-first connections with clients and co-workers.

• Growth mentality - Contribute to the growth of a national company.

• Best place to work - Foster community and connectivity with your regional team.

Global Delivery


Being a part of a Connected Team means that you have access to projects and opportunities across the globe, no matter where you call home. No more relocating to access a new project (unless relocation is your thing).


It also means that you’ll work with, learn from, and mentor colleagues and top talent from everywhere.

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Digital collaboration and connectivity requires a solid technology foundation. We’re invested in continuous improvements to our technology infrastructure.


Logic20/20 offers a best-of-breed technology stack for our consultants, including Teams, SharePoint, Jira and Confluence, GitLab, and GitHub.



Solutions Approach

Our SAFe-based model emphasizes goal alignment, open collaboration, and agile delivery for all projects.


• 30% happier, more motivated employees

• 50% faster time to market

• 35% increase in productivity

• 50% defect reductions


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