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Business Intelligence and Analytics

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The typical approach to business intelligence and analytics is too complicated. In the process of setting up various technology stacks, assembling the right project teams, and pulling assets from multiple siloed IT systems, the story of your data usually gets lost – but it doesn't have to.


What if you could simplify access to data sources, enable real collaboration, and have superior insights right at your fingertips? At Logic20/20, we help you unlock the value hidden in your information, without all of the traditional complexity and questionable ROI you might have come to expect.


Our teams collaborate with yours on BI and analytics platforms tailored to your unique business requirements. We ensure you can stay ahead of the technology curve, make better decisions, and harness the full power of BI and analytics, especially across critical areas like customer engagement and product development.



Use data to find the solutions for business challenges

The right solutions for every problem

Our approach is simple: Technical projects should deliver business value.


That means the software, strategy and services for your BI and analytics efforts shouldn't be more complex than the problems they're meant to solve. We make that a reality, by providing streamlined expert selection, implementation, and customization of a diverse set of BI and analytics systems.


For every project, we leverage our experience and expertise to match practical technologies to your requirements. It’s finally possible to say goodbye to the slow, inflexible one-size-fits-all BI and analytics software of the past, and instead pave the way toward real collaboration on actionable insights.



Why organizations choose Logic20/20

\Whether you need to accelerate your time-to-market, predict and increase sales, or automate repetitive tasks, Logic20/20 always listens to you first. We focus on the big picutre when formulating corresponding strategy.

Our clients profit from our dynamic approach to problem solving. We collaborate with you across our four practice areas of Leadership & Execution, Advanced Analytics, Digital Transformation, and Managed Services.

Our project management expertise and technical consulting bring everything in our portfolio to life on behalf of your organization.


Cloud infrastructure for advanced BI and analytics processes

Our production-grade cloud architectures have the flexibility and scalability to support ambitious business intelligence projects extending beyond your on-prem infrastructure.


Enterprise data warehouse design and implementation

We optimize your EDW for secure and easy access to your aggregated business data. Analyze, classify, and plan without worrying about data quality or integrity.


Experienced developers well-versed in cloud best practices

Our teams of consultants adhere to proven methodologies such as Agile, in tandem with frameworks like DevOps, to ensure your cloud projects are highly collaborative and effective.

Cutting-edge microservices and containers

Managing a huge, monolithic code base is no longer necessary. With small Agile teams, you can divide and conquer the development process using microservices encapsulated in low-overhead containerization technologies.

Truly consolidated data management

A single source of truth is no longer a dream. Thanks to custom combinations of metrics and business intelligence and analytics systems, you can make informed, data-driven decisions based on a complete picture of the customer.


Predictive analytics and machine learning

Take your BI solutions to the next level with machine learning and predictive analytics. These technologies evolve alongside your data sets and business requirements to deliver the right answer at the right time.


Detailed data visualizations

Creating visualizations is easier than ever with our BI tools and expertise. Convey rich, valuable messages with custom dashboards and charts.



Advanced strategy and project management

Our end-to-end project management brings together the right people, processes, and tools for every BI and analytics initiative. For all of the technical business intelligence and analytics systems above (and many others), we secure ROI by implementing intuitive user interfaces supporting superior UX that drives adoption. That’s our recipe for sustainable value.

BI and Analytics Case Studies

Actionable Data Insight

Empowered users with timely, actionable data, housed in a new analytics platform.

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Enterprise data warehouse and reporting

Advanced business insights and introduced operational efficiency with new, integrated data platform.

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Improve fundraising with data

Improved fundraising and operations with updated analytics infrastructure.

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Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics solutions help educators prevent drop out.

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