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Analytics Hub

Launch your Analytics Hub in 6 weeks.Align people, processes, and technology to create an insights-driven organization.


Through a Analytics Hub, you can view all the dashboards in your organization, irrespective of technology, location, and department. Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, and other leading visualization applications all integrate with leading technology tools, including tools like Cogo, Theia, ZenOptics – no more digging and searching, no more bouncing from tool to tool.


Analytics Hubs (or Catalogs) are a knowledge management environment with a focus on dashboards and analytics assets. In addition to viewing your dashboards through the portal, you can also load related content, including documents, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs. Logic20/20 consultants help with the entire process, from tool validation to implementation, tagging, change management, and training.


Implementing your Analytics Hub quickly can give you a competitive advantage – the faster you can get your existing and future analytics assets into your user’s hands, the faster they can start using that information to grow your business and improve operations. An Analytics Hub can be implemented in 6-8 weeks.* Logic20/20 business and technology consultants are knowledgeable about the benefits of each Analytics Hub platform and can help you choose the right tool based on your organizations needs. 

With the Analytics Hub, your teams can:


View Favorite Dashboards

Easily access your favorite dashboards and assets across all platforms in a single login.

View popular dashboards

View the most popular dashboards in your organization to uncover new insights for your teams.

Display filters & use metadata tags

Find related assets and training materials easily by leveraging filters and metadata.

Share dashboards

Encourage insight collaboration with dashboard sharing and increase engagement.

Provide executive presentation mode

Create a distraction free presentation right from the portal to share content with your teams.

Improve user experience

Create a better experience with dashboards, training materials, videos, and documents in one place.

Solution OutcomesCorporate Analytics Hub

Analytics Hubs create an insights driven org

Evolve as an insight-driven organization through aggregation of data, reports and dashboards across operating divisions and BI platforms from a single browser URL.

Analytics Hubs support transparency

Excite leadership to support data transparency and to encourage insight collaboration between departments, functions and locations.

Analytics Hubs are scalable

Develop a scalable and maintainable user experience for engaging with data across the organization.


Analytics Hub Implementation Process

BI Portals Implementation Process

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*The actual timeline of the implementation process can vary, according to the complexity of the project. Logic20/20 is a technology agnostic organization. It's our goal to find the right technology to fit your business goals and organizational needs.