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BI Back End Developer

Logic20/20 is looking for experienced BI Back End Developers to join our Technology consulting space. This role involves a variety of tasks related to Microsoft SQL Stack. There are three levels available.
The Junior BI Back End Developer will use their one to three (1-3) years’ worth of experience using SQL queries to extract business intelligence insights, then communicating these results to a variety of stakeholders. This work is done primarily in a support/debugging capacity. Candidates should be able to quickly synthesize business requirements and metrics, remain flexible in a fast-paced environment, and be comfortable operating on a learning path.
Mid-Level BI Back End Developers (3-7 years of experience) should be proficient working with SQL Server, have a strong understanding of OLAP Cube and MDX query development, and be confident in data modeling and database design. This role is very focused on learning; developers are required to mentor junior resources while also being mentored by senior developers.
Senior BI Back End Developers must have at least eight (8) years of BI-related development experience including advanced SQL capabilities, OLAP Cube and MDX queries, and architectural document development. Strong candidates will also have experience with some or all of the following: data encryption, certificate creation, redundant infrastructure, and Redshift/Oracle. Senior Developers will present to stakeholders and drive teams, so excellent communication skills and leadership abilities are also required.

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Interesting datasets

Clients across verticals, including Fortune 500 companies, have broad and complex data

Thought leadership

Lead the field inIoT, server-less, containers, big data, machine learning, and AWS cloud computing

Varied challenges

Projects bring unique and interesting challenges; architects solve one problem and move on to the next.

Home base

Build internal relationships while projects and challenges change