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Logic20/20 & AWS Solutions for Telecommunications


Logic20/20 delivers cutting-edge CaaS for AWS Telecommunications customers through design, development, integration, and deployment.


Digital Transformation &
Modernization of CaaS

Exceptional Digital CX through messaging platforms & AWS

Innovative customer focused CaaS solutions on social media and SMS applications (ABC, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, web, etc.) to improve customer satisfaction and deliver faster access to information/customer account changes.

Support in-store activation using a unified service layer on AWS​

Designed and implemented the next generation API layer for partners to activate and upgrade cellular service for new and existing customers, solving a customer communication challenge on the spot.

CI/CD Infrastructure in

Infrastructure Automation on AWS deploys CaaS solutions ​

DevOps transformations to optimize the CI/CD pipeline. Migrating services off a legacy Mesos/Marathon provider and into Kubernetes across teams, resulting in the savings of millions of dollars in infrastructure and labor costs.

Applied Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

Predictive customer intent, outperforming Google & IBM​

Leveraged AWS & Rasa AI-powered Customer Assist solution to build a customer facing, real-time model leveraging Artificial Intelligence predict customers' need based on their initial message to an agent.

Improve time to resolution with expert assist​

Machine learning model predicts customer need and supplies the right information to the agent, automatically. Also predicts future pain points and questions and provides information to eliminate re-engagement with support team.

CaaS Analytics

Care Analytics insights leverage the data power of AWS

Launched insights to determine the effectiveness of the customer self-service offering operated. ​Leveraged AWS Data lake solutions, connected with PowerBI, to drive automation insights to care and product leadership.

Our Work with AWS in Telecommunications

Featured Case Study

Logic20/20's Connected Customer

We leveraged our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver game-changing innovations that reduce wait times, shorten time to resolution, and enable a deeper understanding of customer needs.


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