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Analytics for a more agile business

Tap into analytics for greater agility

At the heart of every resilient organization is the ability to make well-informed decisions quickly. By leveraging the power of analytics, you can transform your data into the insights you need to adapt to change and capitalize on opportunities — faster and with greater confidence.


For most organizations, the problem that blocks them from achieving this goal isn’t a lack of data — in fact, most businesses have too much data, often scattered across a host of sources, departments, operational systems, and applications. The challenge lies in understanding the data they have and leveraging it into a strategic asset for decision makers across the organization.


In other words, businesses seeking greater agility don’t need more data. They need the analytics to make their data make sense.

Analytics: the key to monetizing your data and uncovering operational inefficiencies

In addition to enabling better business decision making, analytics can help businesses become more agile by opening new revenue streams. If your organization has data that can deliver value to customers alongside your existing products or services, feeding that data into an analytics hub enables you to diversify your offering and improve your organization’s resilience in the face of change.


Analytics can also help your organization uncover operational efficiencies that can impact productivity and profitability. Process mining and other analytics solutions highlight gaps between how processes should execute and what actually happens, allowing managers to address delays, errors, and redundancies before they grow into major problems.


How Logic20/20 can help

Logic20/20 approaches analytics with your business’ needs and objectives as our starting point to help you achieve greater agility. We work with you to identify the problems you want to solve and the goals you want to achieve, then we uncover the metrics you need to create a data-driven analytics model. Our experts consolidate your data to build a single source of truth, then we build custom dashboards focused on the user’s needs that deliver easily consumable information your decision makers can act on immediately.


Of course, even the best analytics solution is of limited use if decision makers aren’t comfortable using it as part of their day-to-day routine. Once your analytics solution is in place, we work with your organization to build data literacy — the basic skills and knowledge team members need to understand, interpret, and take action on data. From initial assessments through implementation and beyond, our team of data literacy experts delivers the resources and support needed to empower employees to use data effectively, regardless of technical skill level.


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