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It’s about clarity.

Logic20/20 helps people solve business challenges by delivering solutions using data analytics, technology and strategy, all with an eye towards customer goals and outcomes. By listening first and keeping our focus on our customers, we're able to pinpoint the business challenge and craft our solutions to solve those challenges. Our teams move at speed to help people innovate quicker, access the right data, and move faster than their competitors. 


Our business and technology consulting teams deliver solutions in the following practice areas: 


Strategy and Operations

We help companies deliver their most important initiatives by aligning people, process, and technology.

Digital Transformation

Transforming your customers’ digital experience through automation and personalization.

Advanced Analytics

We enable data driven decisions by focusing on your customer and the intelligent pursuit of useful information.

Digital Marketing

We use technology-driven strategies to scale and automate business needs for continuous improvement

Managed Services

We manage the cloud lifecycle so you can focus on top priorities through affordable, predictable solutions.

Our approach

People first. It’s how we approach our business and every part of your project, from first meeting through delivery. Our business is built on relationships and we understand the importance of growing trust over time.

Because our teams partner with yours, we take special care to match the right consultant to your culture – it’s about more than finding the right skills. We begin every engagement by looking at the desired outcomes and build our solutions to solve your unique challenges.

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Our free webinar is an interactive, virtual workshop aimed
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You’ll learn:


• The reasons behind the poor adoption of your analytics assets

• The 7 steps of the requirements gathering process

• How to deliver actionable insights, not just data

• And more!


Solutions in action

We partner with clients across industries to define new processes, implement the right technology, use data to answer business questions, and tackle tough customer challenges. See our solutions in action.


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Customer Care

Improve customer care and retention
  • Seamless customer experience across platforms
  • Infrastructure for messaging on SMS & social
  • Integrated data sources through platform


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Predictive Analytics

High school dropout prevention using
predictive analytics.
  • Created consistent, unified source of truth for data.
  • Designed a model based on research & educator needs
  • Organized data per logical categories


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Vision & Toolset

Facilitate growth, collaboration, and communication
  • Defined metrics to prioritize proposed change
  • Persona-based user stories define journey
  • Delivered comprehensive vision to implement new landscape


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