Who We Are

We are a Seattle-based consulting firm with expertise in business and technology. We create simplicity and efficiency in complex environments to help you realize your organization’s potential.


We deploy our project management and technology consultants on an individual and project basis. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to the successful completion of your projects in an actionable and maintainable way.

It’s about clarity

We were founded on the premise that most projects are made too complex for the problem that they are supposed to solve. We apply a methodical and structured approach to design simple and elegant solutions for even the most intricate project challenges.


In this way, our project managers, senior consultants, and engineers bring predictability to engagements and help you achieve your goals through the use of proven technologies and business management strategies.


Whether you face pressing business-strategy challenges or mission-critical technology demands, we have the perspective and the experience to deliver logical and focused guidance, resources, systems, and solutions. Large or small, general or focused, we seamlessly supply the  resources and expertise you need to complete your project effectively.


We offer a clear vision of how to simplify technology into manageable components:

  • Professional and clear communication

  • Discipline and focus on your unique needs

  • Professional leadership that has delivered success for more than 15 years


We excel at simplifying complex business and technology challenges. Our work is pragmatic, actionable, and focused on delivering the right solution for your unique environment.