Do what you know, with room to explore. 

Our ability to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ challenges is impacted by nothing more than the quality of our employees. In fact, we feel hiring is the most important thing we do. Attracting the best talent relies heavily on the development of a compelling company culture that strikes a balance between work aligned with employees’ individual skills and providing room to learn and grow. We believe in the power of potential, that people do their best work while they are learning and that giving our employees room to explore not only grows our employees, but also grows our business.


The Power of Potential 

Most everyone has a story about rising to the occasion when someone believed in them. For companies, it turns out it’s not so hard to believe when you focus on hiring smart people. Yet many companies dwell on hiring processes rooted in very specific assessment criteria.


By focusing our hiring requirements on the competencies that transfer across functional areas and industries, we create an environment where everybody wins: employees experience variety in the work they do, this leads to deeper engagement which produces better solutions, and clients realize the benefits of project teams with functional depth but also diversity of approach. Sure, we attract employees from premiere management and technology consulting firms who have decided that the road warrior lifestyle has lost its allure; but we also hire professionals from traditional companies and a wide range of functions and industries. What they have in common is the potential we see in them, to generate business value for our clients and evolve professionally.


Learning Culture

Opportunities for professional growth take many forms. We see employee growth as a long-term company imperative, so we instill our culture with learning; not only do we value it, but we are committed to creating ongoing opportunities for learning. It’s part of who we are. Logic20/20 employees experience learning opportunities in a number of ways: through our mentoring program, through formal training and sharing, and through collaboration within diverse project teams. This approach supports different learning styles and brings to bear the full range of expertise across our employee population.


Room to Explore

One of the benefits of establishing a learning culture is the signal it sends to employees. It promotes a sense of value and a spirit of collaboration. We see the impact every day in the initiative taken by our employees in generating new ideas and approaches to our work, ranging from those focused on addressing client challenges to those that change the way Logic20/20 operates. We’ve created a company ethos focused on empowering employees to explore outside their respective disciplines and roles, in an environment that values contribution, regardless of tenure, and the magic that can result from applying new thinking to old challenges.


Collaborate and support each other

Work Environment

At Logic20/20, we believe that creating and sustaining a positive and optimistic work environment is critical to long-term professional happiness. We strive to create an environment in which our employees can learn faster, and in a more supported way, than in any other company.

We believe that the quality of our work life is greatly enhanced when we work with smart, generous, and humble colleagues who are unselfish with their contributions. Fostering this type of environment, which helps our team achieve exceptional results, is central to our values.


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