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businessintelligenceAdvanced Analytics is not just about collecting data. It’s about using that data to gain insight into your organization and making changes to positively impact your business. 

Many companies have tremendous amounts of data at their disposal, but few of the right resources to turn data into actionable insight. Logic20/20 has the capability to help clients on the journey from gathering business context to driving change through business insight.


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BI assessment Image Logic20/20 5x5 Business Intelligence Health Assessment

The Logic20/20 5x5 Business Intelligence Health Assessment gives you a benchmark for establishing value and strategic direction for your BI initiatives. The assessment will lead you through 25 questions across 5 critical areas and generate a complimentary 10-page report with your personalized results.


The assessment is a quick check-up on the health of your system, and can help shed some light on strength and weaknesses in these 5 areas:



Cost & Efficiency. Is the actual cost of providing information to the business acceptable?

Data Value. Is the BI team delivering critical business information?

Quality & Performance. Do data volumes represent a threat to your system's architecture or the expertise of the group?

Speed & Agility. Does the business have confidence in the BI team to solve information challenges?

Self-Service. Can users actually solve data challenges on their own with data provided by the BI team?


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Agile BI Operating Services

Agile BI


IT Organizations face the ever increasing challenges in supporting their Business counterparts in collecting, managing and drawing insights from their organizational data quickly.  Our experienced professionals in both the Business Intelligence and the Business Performance practices have developed a unique operating model that enables our clients to focus on high priority data analysis items while providing increased efficiency from BI development teams.  


Contact us to learn how we can bring our proven processes and experienced onshore and offshore BI development teams to provide your business increased agility while reducing your operating costs.


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